Fan RepresentationEdit

Episode: PatANT Pending - PatANT Pending is the episode that Olive and Fletcher worked together without Chyna and pretended to date. They also almost kiss. Runner-up is Modelling AssignmANT, in which the subplot revoles around them against Lexi.

Color: Rainbow- Fletcher and Olive both often wear colorful clothes. In FradulANT, Fletcher said Olive was beautiful when her face was painted with rainbow. Also, Fletcher is an artist, so the color should not be average.

Food: Popcorn- They got buried in popcorn in Modelling AssignmANT.

Animal: Cat- The ANTagonist was a very Folive shipped episode, where Fletcher made ant characters for his webshow. Also, in The InformANT, Olive called Fletcher her cat after he ran away.

Song: I Don't Know How to Write a Song by One Direction- This song explains how they are pimps and hookers at the same time which is why it is the official Folive song.

Date: December 25th- In SANTa's Little Helpers Fletcher and Olive got much closer. It was a Christmas episode.

Shipper's Name: Folivers- It sounds like followers, and the fans of Folive follow Folive.

Number: 13- Olive has 5 letters in her name and Fletcher has 8.(5+8=13) Plus, EndurANTs aired on the 13th, and in that episode, Olive says she loves Fletcher.