Jierra is the romantic pairing of Jake Short and Sierra Mccormick (J/ake + S/ierra) .They are currently co-stars on A.N.T. Farm. They seem to be very good friends. This ship rivals Chake (Ch/ina and J/ake), Sedin(S/ierra and A/edin), and Jafanie (Ja/ke and Ste/fanie).

Additional Names For The PairingEdit

  • Jierra (J/ake and S/ierra)
  • Siake (Si/erra and J/ake)
  • Jakerra (Jak/e and Si/erra)
  • Sierrake (Sierr/a and J/ake)
  • Jarra (Ja/ke and Sie/rra)
  • Jaka (Jak/e and Sierr/a)
  • Sakerra (S/i/erra and J/ak/e)


Sierra McCormick and Jake Short


Close Friends and Co-stars

Start of relationship


Ship Rivals

Chake and Jafanie

Jierra MomentsEdit

  • Sierra McCormick and Jake Short work together in rehearsals.
  • They did an interview together on set with "KTLA 5 Morning News".
  • In the Friends for Change games, Jake Short was the first person top approach Sierra McCormick after yellow team finished
  • In the Friends for Change games when yellow team finished, Jake high fived Sierra with both hands and he gave her a congratulating hug.
  • Jake mentioned eating lunch with Sierra and China in his Twitter.
  • Before A.N.T. Farm, they worked on a TV pilot (which didn't get picked up by Disney Channel), "Jack and Janet Save the Planet," along with China Anne McClain.
  • They both were at the screening for the movie Phineas and Ferb Across the Second Dimension.
  • They were both at the D23 Expo.
  • They were both at the "Real Steel" premiere.
  • They both follow each other on Twitter.
  • They were the only ones to join the RTM after party but with seperate interviews.
    What Jake Short Thinks of Sierra McCormick

    What Jake Short Thinks of Sierra McCormick

  • The interviewers asked them the same questions.
  • Sierra and Jake both wanted clothes, and they both wanted to be Rudolf the reindeer for Christmas.
  • Jake thinks of Sierra as, skillful, gracefull and awesome. (as seen in the @ NBT Interview)
  • In an interview with Joslyn Davis (from Clever TV News) at the D23 Expo, Jake Short was asked what was the show that he grew up with in Disney Channel. His response was "Hannah Montana" which was the show that Sierra (and China) guest-stared in.
  • They were both at the NACCP awards and they took a lot of pictures together.
  • Jake Short has a real life crush on Sierra McCormick (as seen on the Popstar interview of Jake, China and Sierra).
  • Jake recently told Justjaredjr exclusively that Olive, played by Sierra, is his favorite character on the show.
  • They both play piano as seen on a Clevver TV interview

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